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Colorado Dog Boarding Kennels
By – Need to go out of town? A boarding kennel can give your pet quality care–and can give you peace of mind. Before loading Fido or Fluffy into the car and driving over to the nearest kennel, though, it’s important to find the right kennel and prepare your pet for boarding.

Colorado Dog Parks
By – A dog park is a facility set aside for dogs and their owners to exercise and play off-leash in a controlled environment. Parks vary in setups, but are typically fenced, have separate, double-gated entry and exit points, a place to get water, and bags to pick up and dispose of waste. Dog parks are a great way to get the exercise your dog needs and to tire them out when you need to get some work done. They are also a great way to meet other dog lovers and hear about upcoming dog events.

While dog parks are an excellent place for many dogs to exercise and socialize with other dogs, please know that they can be very difficult environments for many dogs. Dogs are interacting in packs, and as the dog pack changes with incoming and outgoing dogs, the behavior of the pack will change. It is common for fights to break out on a regular basis. Bull terriers play roughly and many dogs do not appreciate the body slams and nonstop roughhousing. A bully can quickly become the playground “bully” and his presence may become unwelcome by the other dogs and their owners.  Please be polite and know your dog’s limitations. If we are to maintain the right to own our precious breed, it is essential that bull terriers are handled properly and show a good public image with responsible owners. If your bully wants to be the playground bully, find another way to enjoy your dog and find him friends!

Colorado Veterinarians
By – A veterinarian is your pet’s second-best friend. When selecting a veterinarian, you’re doing more than searching for a medical expert. You’re looking for someone to meet your needs and those of your pet, a doctor who has people as well as animal skills. The worst time to look for a veterinarian is when you really need one, so plan ahead and choose wisely.

There are very few vets here who have a lot of experience with bullies. However, unless bad press or prejudice get in the way, most vets enjoy meeting our clowns and and caring for them. If your vet is standoffish with your dog but seems to love the goldens in the waiting room, find another. If you would like personal recommendations, please feel free to call board members for suggestions. Remember: a well-behaved bully is the best ambassador for the breed.

Colorado Pet Boarding Kennels Directory
Colorado Doggie Daycare Directory – Pet Net Colorado features a directory of Dog Daycare businesses within the state of Colorado, organized by city. Find a Dog Daycare near you, or advertise your business on Pet Net USA!

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