Bull Terrier Books

Owning a Bull Terrier can be quite a challenge. Thankfully, a slew of books on the breed (and on “bull-headed” dogs in general) are available. Below is a list of a few recommended reads! Most can be found at either Flying Dog Press or Dog WiseDog Wisepublishers.

  The New Bull Terrier
John H Remer


All About the Bull Terrier
Tom Horner

  Bull Terriers Today
David Harris

Buying and Rearing a Bull Terrier
Cynthia Morse and Allan Vargo
(Available through our club. Contact Eileen)

  A New Owner’s Guide to Bull Terriers
Betty Desmond

Bull Terriers; A Complete Pet Owner�s Manual
Carolyn Alexander

  When Pigs Fly- Training Success with Impossible Dogs
Jane Killion

Dog Owner�s Guide to Bull Terriers
Dieter Flagg

  The Other End of the Leash
Patricia McConnell

Sleeping partners
Cecil Alden � sketches of his bull terrier, Cracker, and Irish Wolfhound, Micky)

  Bones Would Rain from the Sky
Suzanne Clothier

Bar Sinister
Richard Harding Davis

  So Your Dogâ��s not Lassie
Betty Fisher and Suzanne Delzio

A Guide Dog for the Thick
Terry Doe (his columns from Dogs Today magazine about his bully Morris)

  The Dog Who Loved Too Much & Dogs Behaving Badly
Dr. Nicolas Dodman

The Garden of Abdul Gasazi
Chris Van Alsburg

  Donâ��t Shoot The Dog! The New Art of Teaching and Training
Karen Pryor

Darby, The Special-Order Pup
Alexandra Day and Cooper Edens

  Your Outta Control Adopted Dog
Eve Adamson

Boodil My Dog
Pija Lindenbaum

  Canine Colorado – Where to go and what to do with your dog
Cindy Hirschfeld
  Bunny and the Beast
Molly Coxe
  The Incredible Journey
Sheila Burnford
  Dog Heaven
Cynthia Bryant  (Not specifically about bullies but a wonderful book for children, and adults, to read when a beloved bully dies.)
  The Costume Party
Victoria Chess 
  Daisy Knows Best, Daisy is a Mommy, Daisy and her Babies, Good Dog Daisy
Lisa Kopper
  Second Hand Dog 
Carol Lea Benjamin
Caroline Gregoire
  Rosa Moves to Town 
Barbro Lindgren
Beverly Wood
  The New Complete Bull Terrier 
Ernest Eberhard